real bitch.

“I need a real bitch, who can make French toast and suck dick.” – Odd Future – Real Bitch

So according to my playlist, I added that song on November 15, 2016. All I really remember from that day is I bought a big ass bag of Tostitos to sell. During that time I had a girl, everyone should know who I was with during that time. Long story short she ended up cheating on me. Then, like a month after we had broken up or whatever we were arguing and she said she didn’t really cheat because I hadn’t even officially asked her out yet. But then again she wouldn’t have wanted me to do the same either so her argument was completely invalid. November was an extremely fruitful month for me. I started making more friends, started biking again in EP, had my girl, and had some really good music for the month. Was bumping a lot of the Weeknd, Future, Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Mob had just dropped the Cozy Tapes, an extremely fruitful month I tell you.

November was such a good month man, I swear. Anyways, so with that girl I was with, let’s call her Monica fuck it, first name that popped up. So Monica was like super small but yo dude, she had a super nice pair of tiddies, I ain’t gonna lie. I vividly remember fall/winter days because it’s my favorite time of the year. The cold is so nostalgic to me. This one day, the second time we had met up, was on November 3rd. We went to a Mavs football game, oh yeah and she was from Winn, keep that in mind. Since I couldn’t see her cause, you know, obviously different fucking schools, the only time we’d see each other is from going out. I remember waiting at like 7-ish to get picked up and go to the game with a friend, who was third-wheeling. (thank you Brandol, love you) And when I got there I met up with my friend and looked for my girlfriend. We watched the game, took an 8:30 picture, talked all that. It was a fine date, it was whatever right? And well I remember as I got home we had this constant habit of staying up talking till like 1 in the morning. At times it got to the point I had to like, cover my whole body up with the blanket because my mom slept next to me. It was an extremely small apartment and we only had one bed, at times I’d sleep on the couch. So while motherfucking Monica and I would talk, we’d send nudes and I remember this shit so vividly it’s fucking hilarious. I’d fake having to go take a shit in order to spend like 10 minutes in the bathroom sending and getting nudes. And this was really constant, but I didn’t mind. I truly did like Monica though, I don’t see why people think guys only want nudes or think just because a couple sends nudes they don’t really like each other, like what the fuck? I like seeing my girls tiddies once in a while and she likes seeing my dick, it’s aight. Nudes are whatever, get the fuck over it. Y’all needa fuckin’ get some and shut up already, I mean it ain’t everyone’s style but I don’t think they’re such a big thing.

Also, I find myself missing the wrong girls when I’m horny. I’ve talked about this before but like I’ll be thinking about a certain girl and miss her but like in reality I only miss her ass or her head or something, ya know? Then I go spank one out and realize I don’t miss her, I just miss her body or miss the things we’d do.

Anyways, so the whole story behind the song/title of this was I remember the very day I was playing thing song I was sitting on the toilet and I kept repeating that line, the first on in the post. I had sent it to Monica as a joke and the whole song became an inside joke. Not among me and her, just me and any girl in general. It’s such a funny and practical line though. Two extremely practical skills that require almost no skill at all. As long as you don’t use your fucking teeth and can spread butter on toast proportionally, you’re set.

If Imma talk about music real quick, Imma just say my whole queue since April has consisted of a constant appearance of Playboi Carti and Travis Scott. Carti’s self titled mixtape is just a complete utter masterpiece. The beats man, the beats. Also a lot of OVO as well. Finally listened to Roy Woods and dvsn, they’re great. The only one I’m missing is Majid Jordan. I’ve been waiting on summer to dedicate all my time into music and really it’s taken me forever to set my playlist. It takes me weeks to add new music to my main playlist. Literally, I bumped let’s say…the new 2 Chainz album, and I still haven’t added any of the songs to my playlists. It actually stresses me out, because I truly just dedicate all my time listening to new music and expanding my horizons and it’s great, but it stresses me out. And not having in cataloged in any of my lists stresses me because it’s important to me. Especially for my music calendar, I gotta know at what days what songs I bumped. Anyways, I think I’m finally almost done. It took me about two weeks to catalog Roy Woods. He’s fucking great. If any of y’all need music to listen to, hit me up or check out my playlists, I strictly use Spotify though, fuck Apple Music. Soundcloud’s cool though.



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